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The definition of a legacy is something that passes the test of time, creating a ripple-effect that shifts the course of humanity in some profound way.  The names that stand out in the chronicles of history are those who have dared to live their truth and passion beyond all limitations or fears, standing as reminders of that potential in all of us.


Internationally acclaimed artist and muralist Thomas Christian Wolfe’s artistic tour de force, The Messengers Alive, is an unprecedented multi-sensory, multimedia event that takes art to the level of a spiritual experience.  Together with a world-class team that spans the globe ...  [click button below to read more]

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Thrive Movement

"Takes art to the level of a spiritual experience"

Positive Impact Magazine

"Wolfe's art has universal appeal"

State Foundation on Culture and the Arts

"A divinely inspired wake-up call to humanity"

World Future Council

"A perfectly timed and uplifting wake-up call for humanity"

Stephen Dinan CEO / The Shift Network

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