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On the surface level The Messengers is designed to be a self-sustaining world-touring art exhibit that visitors would walk through like any traditional museum exhibit, - albeit, in the epic-scale of the European Salons of yesteryear combined with the animation techniques of today this unique exhibit shows art in an entirely fresh and original way, as the event's classically rendered larger-than-life paintings are also animated - which gives a sense of art coming to life

However, on a deeper level, this collection of masterful art works, embellished with an original score and narrated prose, is intended to powerfully and viscerally portray an untold story of the human odyssey which has been largely hidden for eons from our understanding as a collective humanity. 

The word Mythopoeia, which means myth-making, was coined by J. R. R. Tolkien in his book by the same name - which takes the position that mythology contains spiritual and foundational truths, while myth-making is a "creative act" that helps narrate and disclose those truths.  And as Joseph Campbell describes; "Throughout the inhabited world, in all times and under every circumstance, the myths of man have flourished; and they have been the living inspiration of whatever else may have appeared out of the activities of the human body, mind, [and spirit]."   C. S. Lewis conveys further understanding of myth in saying: "All good allegory exists not to hide but to reveal; to make the inner world more palpable by giving it an imagined concrete embodiment.  When allegory is at its best, it approaches myth, which must be grasped with the imagination, ... not the intellect."​

The power of myths and storytelling is undeniable by even the most skeptical of minds.  We line up for blocks to see the latest epic film - to momentarily live out a "palpable" experience - and hopefully gain an expanded view and understanding of life.  Truly, the world would be the drabbest place without art, music, prose, and all other forms of storytelling.  Yet, unfortunately, while all myth was intended to embody and convey truth, many key aspects in our world's mythic stories have been altered or manipulated over time to lead us astray to completely opposite understandings.  Myth in general has also been played down to be purely fictional - devoid of any substantial truth -- which could not be further from reality.  In seeing our timeless myths exclusively on an external level they have largely been reduced to what Merriam-Webster defines as being "an unfounded or false notion".  To the contrary, C. S. Lewis conveys to us a deeper understanding in describing how myth must be grasped with the imagination as opposed to the intellect.  ​

Hence, especially in these times of challenge and unrest, where so many feel like ships without sails on a tumultuous sea, contributions that resurrect our sense of unity, quench our thirst for hope, and graciously lift our spirits are more than welcomed, for they may in fact be the very essential foundation of our future existence.  The Messengers strives to revivify the true power of myth.  For, all throughout time art has been one of the most powerful vehicles to change the way we see ourselves in the world and universe - as its message reaches us on a universal and visceral place beyond the mind and intellect ... touching us all at the deepest place of our common ground.

Like a Trojan Horse, The Messengers  intentionally uses the benign vehicle of art as a powerful agent to deliver a timely awakening message to humanity.

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