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January 15, 2020



Rhiannon | a work in progress

Lady Gaga and Arabella are the muses and inspiration for Wolfe's tender 

portrayal of Rhiannon.  Wolfe isn't one to typically use the fame of stars to further his career.  The inspiration to create his exquisite portrayal of

a timeless myth came from a pure motive ... a heartfelt tribute to Lady Gaga's loss of her beloved horse, Arabella.  "I've always recognized Lady Gaga's genius as a musician.  But, I was touched most by sensing the soul of this woman in her performance in Bradley Cooper's remake of 'A Star is Born'.  You can't fake acting that real."  The artist went on to explain, "It was my daughter who brought it to my attention that Gaga had lost her beloved horse, Arabella, earlier this year and urged me to portray her as one of the mythic heroines in my upcoming series, Mythos."

It was immediately obvious to Wolfe that Lady Gaga and Arabella would be perfect for Rhiannon, one of the main characters slated for Mythos.

Rhiannon (also known as Epoca) is a major figure in medieval Welsh myths.  The goddess is strongly associated with horses, birds, and wind, as well as prosperity and sovereignty.  She is a beautiful, strong-minded,

intelligent, politically strategic, and otherworldly woman ... all aspects which Wolfe feels are true of Lady Gaga and her love for Arabella.  

Although the basic elements are clearly in place at this point in the work's progress the artist feels there are many areas to refine further. 

"I created the entire design around one frame of the [film] ... yet, I

still have much to refine on her face, as well as adding more birds,  various refinements, and myriad details all around."


~ Thrive Movement