November/December 2019

Lady Gaga and her horse Arabella are the muses and inspiration for Wolfe's current work "Rhiannon"(see more)

Projects in the Works

Mythos Unveiled is the current project underway that uses the triumvirate of spectacular art, music, and prose to reveal the deeper meanings of some of humanity's most powerful myths.  "Our goal is to use the arts to powerfully reveal how the messages within our timeless myths are totally applicable to our lives today, and guide us to creating a world of unity and harmony." One of the exhibit's key messages is to use dark and light to inspire us to embrace all contrasting aspects of our humanity without condition or shame.  "The split in our human consciousness comes from an age-old ideology that needs to be reconsidered, which is to separate our nature into good and bad."  (see more)

On the morning of February 14th, 2011, Wolfe had an epiphany to dedicate

his artistry exclusively for the benefit of humanity ... specifically, to aid the most vulnerable among us.  The Messengers Event  was immediately born from this revelation.  This unparalleled world-touring multi-sensory experience explores the human odyssey and brings art to life via twelve animated interactive murals -- with a deeper intention to remind us of our human potential and inter-connection beyond our races, creeds, and ideologies.  Over the following months of its inception Wolfe gained the enthusiastic alliance of some of the world's most renowned artists in their respective fields.  (see more)