Felicia Wolfe Music Sampler

Felicia Wolfe is a world-class international recording artist who's career is far reaching and of unusual depth. You may have heard her haunting voice during a movie, movie trailer, listening to satellite radio, or streaming music on Pandora. Her signature vocal style commands attention and has been exploited by some of the most successful major brands in the world.

Not only has she released her own music but has appeared on hundreds of projects over the years as a lead and back up singer. Her voice can be heard on a number of trailers for movies and as well as songs in movies. Most notably the song "Once" the theme song for the movie "The Brotherhood of the Wolf".  Her voice appears on every public album by Two Steps From Hell from Battlecry onward. Besides Two Steps From Hell, she has also done vocal work for many other artists.

In addition to her work as a vocalist, Felicia is a writer and teacher. She wrote the lyrics and verse melodies for Star Sky in collaboration with Two Steps From Hell composer, Thomas Bergersen, the title track lyrics for Vanquish (composed by Nick Phoenix), and the lyrics for Wild Heart on the latest Two Steps From Hell album, Unleashed.

In 2013, Felicia self published a vocal methodology book and training program called, Real Singers Don’t Sing; a no-nonsense approach to effectively improve the sound and performance of your voice. Felicia's quest as a teacher is to bring more vocal awareness to
public speakers, actors, singers, spiritual teachers, life coaches, vocal teachers, and basically, anyone who wants to use their voice more consciously.

​Felicia was awarded the honor of Best Female Vocalist by Trailer Music News in 2013, and was nominated for an HMMA award in 2016. She also had the honor of having a presence on the Billboard Charts at number one for the longest time allowed in association with her work as the lead vocalist of The Taliesin Orchestra.


“Felicia is the Voice of Mythology.”

Lee Johnson / Prix De La Musique Et La Mer Ville D’ Antibes (France) / Sandfloor Cathedral


"Felicia is one of my favorite vocalists of all time."

Keith Thomas / Grammy Award-Winning Producer


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